Sustainable construction & delivery
Environmental and Social Governance

PLP has committed to deliver all speculative builds to the UK Green Building Council’s (UKGBC) Net Zero Carbon Ready standard.


To achieve Net Zero Carbon Ready standard, PLP and its consultants assess carbon emissions from construction through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of materials and products and reduces these emissions through the inclusion of materials with a lower carbon footprint. PLP mitigates remaining construction carbon emissions to net zero by funding high quality carbon offset projects, enabling us to achieve CarbonNeutral® development certification through The CarbonNeutral Protocol.


Our speculative builds are also designed to promote energy efficient and low carbon operation, with inclusion of solar photovoltaics, air source heat pumps and 100% LED lighting contributing to Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings of A(15) or better.

Further design enhancements including roof strengthening and extended underground ducting enables our occupiers to install additional solar photovoltaics and battery storage facilities in the future, to further enhance operational building performance.


Providing Net Zero Carbon Ready developments enables occupiers to transition to and maintain net zero carbon operations without expensive alterations to their facility.