About us
Established in 2015, PLP is a specialist UK logistics and industrial property business. We manage, develop and own prime grade industrial and logistics warehouse real estate.
Our people
Our team includes a core of experienced professionals dedicated to providing excellence in the industrial and logistics real estate sector. Our expertise includes acquisitions, development, leasing and real estate management.
Available buildings & sites
PLP offers a broad range of existing and build to suit industrial and logistics warehouses for rent across the UK. View all our design and build opportunities and available buildings here.
Track record
PLP has a proven track record in the development and asset management of large scale prime grade industrial and logistics warehouse property. View our UK portfolio on completed projects here.
PLP is constantly investing in new opportunities and developing market leading grade A industrial and logistics warehouse space. Keep pace with our latest news on site acquisitions, design & build, and industrial warehouse leasing opportunities.
PLP is based in London and Manchester. If you would like to know more about PLP or any of our industrial and logistics warehouse leasing opportunities, please get in touch.