Working with Turley Sustainability and Climate Impact Partners, leading experts in net zero and climate finance, PLP is delighted to announce their commitment to deliver all new speculative developments as carbon net zero in accordance with the UK Green Building Council Net Zero Buildings Framework.

New buildings will be net zero ready through reducing and then offsetting remaining construction carbon via high-quality international projects, such as 50% Cookstove project Ghana and 50% global renewable energy.

The carbon net zero concept combines carbon net zero construction with carbon net zero design including targeting an EPC A rating and an all-electric building services strategy. PLP also double any solar PV requirement of the local planning authority. This enables tenants to achieve carbon net zero operation by utilising built-in renewable energy features and procuring appropriate renewable energy supplies.

To reduce construction carbon, PLP utilises smart materials such as 100% recyclable cladding systems plus low carbon concrete and steel. Remaining carbon emissions are addressed via the purchase of high quality carbon offsets to achieve carbon net zero construction at practical completion in accordance with the UKGBC Framework.